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Library Cards & Circulation Policies

A patron wishing to use the Schoolcraft Community Library will complete and sign a registration form to request a library card. Signing the registration form indicates that the patron agrees to obey all policies, rules and regulations of the Schoolcraft Community Library and to pay all fines for damages or loss of library materials that are checked out by the patron.

In the case of a minor(s) (under the age of eighteen) who desire to have a personal library card, a parent or guardian must sign the registration form making the parent or guardian responsible for all library materials checked out or used by the minor(s). A registration form must be filled out to obtain a library card and the registration form must be reviewed by a staff member before a library card is issued.

Library Cards

Schoolcraft Community Library cards are issued free of charge to any resident of the Village of Schoolcraft, Prairie Ronde Township, or Schoolcraft Township.

Non-Resident Library Cards

If a patron is not a resident of the Village of Schoolcraft, Prairie Ronde Township, or Schoolcraft Township or a property owner in any of these areas, he/she may purchase a non-resident card for a fee to be established at the discretion of the Library Director and posted at the desk. This card expires one (1) year from the date of purchase. The card may be renewed each year by paying the annual non-resident renewal fee.

Educator Cards

All teachers teaching in the Schoolcraft Community Schools (SCS) may borrow materials from the Schoolcraft Community Library regardless of whether they live in the Library’s service area or not. Teachers living outside the service area may be issued a special educator card valid for one year  and renewable as long as they teach in the SCS.

Educator cards are to be used principally during the school year. Teachers are subject to the same membership rules as other patrons. All SCS teacher’s requests for library materials will be filled from the library shelves so that some material on the subject still remains in the library.

Lost Cards

If a patron loses a library card they may pay a fee and be issued a new card. The Library Director sets the fee for replacing library cards and posts this information at the desk.

Loss of Library Card Privileges

The Schoolcraft Community Library reserves the right to suspend or terminate library card privileges for individuals or families who are in arrears on paying fines or who do not follow Library policies, rules or regulations. Suspension of such privileges will be at the discretion of the Library Director and may be imposed until such time as the offending party has reconciled debts or conduct problems to the satisfaction of the Library Director.

Circulation Policies

Checkout periods will be established and posted at the desk by the Library Director for items such as but not limited to the following: books; periodicals; cassettes, CDs; books/cassettes; and videos/DVDs.

The Library Director may set a rental fee for some library items. The fee schedule will be posted with the checkout periods.

Checkout Privileges: Late Fees or Charges

Items owned by or inter-library loaned by the Schoolcraft Community Library may be checked out only by card-holders in good standing. A card-holder is no longer in good standing if there is more than $3.00 (three dollars) in accumulated fines on his/her card or charges for lost of damaged material checked out on his/her card for more than two (2) weeks. A library card is required to check out all library materials.

Limiting Checkouts

There is no limit to the number of items checked out except in the case of items relating to school assignments where a large group of students are working in a given area and the number of materials available is limited.

The Library Director may elect to limit the number of items a card holder’s family can check out in any given period of time. Such limits are appropriate when there is broad demand for a given item or topic and the supply of items is limited.

Reserving Books

Library card holders may place their names on a reserve list for any items in the Library’s holdings. When their names come up on the list, they will be contacted by a staff member to let them know the item(s) is waiting for them. They will have three (3) business days to check out the item(s) unless other arrangements are made.

If the item(s) remain(s) on reserve for more than three business days after contact has been made with the requesting patron, that patron’s name is taken off the list and the item(s) will be offered to the next person on the list.


Renewal period limits may be established for categories of items or for specific items by the Library Director. Unless an item is on reserve, it may be renewed for an additional checkout period. If there are reserves on the item, it cannot be renewed. Materials that are rented for a fee may be checked out for an additional checkout period, but an additional rental fee is charged for the extra time.

Limitations on Availability

The Library may need to take some items out of circulation for repairs or during maintenance periods. Some items may be subject to limited availability to minors due to their content per applicable law.

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