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Library Cards

Resident Library Cards

Schoolcraft Community Library cards are issued free of charge to any resident property owners, and business owners within the Village of Schoolcraft, Prairie Ronde Township, or Schoolcraft Township. Non-residents who pay taxes on real or personal property within these library boundaries are also eligible. Application for a library card must be made in person with proof of identity and residency shown at the time of application.  Acceptable forms of proof include a driver’s license, State issued ID, tax receipt, voter registration, current utility bill, property deed, tax bill or lease agreement.  A person under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a card application and show proof of residency.  By applying for a youth’s card, the adult assumes responsibility for the youth’s choice of material and financial responsibility for materials checked out on the youth’s library card.  Residents, property owners and business owners will be issued an in-District Card which allows access to all library services and is valid for 2 years.  Special cards for Non-Residents are available as follow:

Reciprocal Cards

Patrons from libraries that share reciprocity with Schoolcraft Community Library may apply for a Reciprocal Card. This is for Schoolcraft Village and Township residence only and DOES NOT extend to residents of Prairie Ronde. Schoolcraft Community Library has reciprocity agreements with Kalamazoo Public Library, Portage District Library and Vicksburg District Library.  Reciprocal Cards are valid for one year and allow access to all library services except digital and interlibrary loan services which are available at their home library

Non-Resident Library Cards

Persons who live outside of the district and are not served by a library with which Schoolcraft Community Library has reciprocity may apply for a non-resident card for a fee to be established at the discretion of the Library Director and posted at the front desk.  This fee must be paid at the time of application and annually at renewal.  Non-resident cards allow access to all library services. Non-residents DO NOT have reciprocal privileges.

Educator Cards

Educators working in the Schoolcraft Community School District may apply for a complimentary card. Educators must show proof of identity and employment at the time of application.  Educator Cards are valid for one year and allow access to all services except digital and interlibrary loan services which are available at their home library.

Lost Cards

If a patron loses a library card they may pay a fee and be issued a new card. The Library Director sets the fee for replacing library cards and posts this information at the desk.

Loss of Library Card Privileges

  1. The Schoolcraft Community Library reserves the right to suspend or terminate library card privileges for individuals or families who are arrears on paying for lost or damaged materials or who do not follow library policies, rules or regulations.
  2. Suspension of such privileges will be at the discretion of the Library Director and may be imposed until such time as the offending party has reconciled debts or conduct problems to the satisfaction of the Library Director.


Circulation Policies

Checkout periods will be established and posted at the desk by the Library Director for items such as but not limited to the following: books; periodicals; cassettes, CDs; books/cassettes; and videos/DVDs.

The Library Director may set a rental fee for some library items. The fee schedule will be posted with the checkout periods.


To promote free and equal access to the library for all, Schoolcraft Community Library does not access daily overdue fines.  Patrons are still responsible for returning items on or before the due date.  To assist in the timely return of its materials the library will notify patrons of overdue material.


21 days late                                         First Notice-phone call or email

42 days late                                        Second Notice – phone call or email

60 days late                                        Third Notice- INVOICE sent including replacement cost.

Materials kept out 60 days beyond due date will be marked as lost and the cost of the item and a $3 processing fee will be charged to the patron’s account.  The patron account and those linked to the account will be restricted from borrowing materials. Once an item is paid for, no refund will be given.  Items will be replaced at the library’s discretion. In the event that the library has purchased a replacement for a lost item and a patron returns item after 30 days, they will still owe for the item.


 Interlibrary Loan

In-District Cardholders may request items unavailable at the library from the MeLCat Interlibrary loan system.  Requests may be placed in person, by phone or online at  A patron will be notified when a requested item arrives at the library.  The item due date will be affixed to the item and should not be removed.  Items borrowed through interlibrary loan must be returned to SCL.  The policies regarding MeLCat use and participation can be found at

Limiting Checkouts

Residents may take out up to 40 items at a time. Students are limited to 10 items. The Library Director may elect to limit the number of items a card holder’s family can check out in any given period of time. Such limits are appropriate when there is broad demand for a given item or topic and the supply of items is limited.

Reserving Books

  1. Library card holders may place their names on a reserve list for any items in the Librarys holdings.
  2. When their names come up on the list, they will be contacted by a staff member to let them know the item(s) is waiting for them.
  3. They will have five (5) business days to check out the item(s) unless other arrangements are made.
  4. If the item(s) remain(s) on reserve for more than five business days after contact has been made with the requesting patron, that patron’s name is taken off the list and the item(s) will be offered to the next person on the list.


Renewal period limits may be established for categories of items or for specific items by the Library Director. Unless an item is on reserve, it may be renewed for an additional checkout period. If there are reserves on the item, it cannot be renewed. Materials that are rented for a fee may be checked out for an additional checkout period, but an additional rental fee is charged for the extra time.

Limitations on Availability

The Library may need to take some items out of circulation for repairs or during maintenance periods. Some items may be subject to limited availability to minors due to their content per applicable law.

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