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The Discovery Kits Collection aims to provide engaging learning experiences while discovering a  wide variety of STEM principles.  These Discovery Kits  include materials for hands-on learning on a variety of topics for kids of all ages.  These kits were created with funds from a Library of Michigan LSTA Grant.

Discovery Kits Circulation Policy


         Ages 2 thru 5

  1.  Colors and Patterns: 6 Color Paddles, lacing beads, 6 sorting bowls, 36 animal counters, Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.
  2. Shapes All Around: Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks, Chunky Puzzle Shapes, Math Counts Shapes by Henry Pluckrose Think Squares! By Karen RobbinsThink Circles! By Karen Robbins Think Triangles! By Karen Robbins
  3. Me and My ABC’s: Alphabet Bingo, Alphabet Magnets, cookie sheet, LMNO Peas by Keith Baker, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.
  4. Barnyard Fun: Lace and Trace Farm Animals, Balancing Barnyard, Chunky Puzzle Farm Animals, My First Farm by DK Books

   Ages 5+

  1. Fun With magnets: Super Magnet Lab, What Makes a Magnet by Franklyn Branley
  2. Brain Builders: Junior Keva Plank Set, Magformers, idea book
  3. Telling Time: Flash Cards, Wooden Clock Model, How to Tell Time board book, Telling Time by Jules Older, Magnetic Learning Clock w/ dry erase pen and eraser 

    Ages 8+

  1.  Magnets: Magnetic Science, All About Magnetism by Angela Boyston
  2. Brain Builders: Brain Builders Keva Plank Set, Magformers 26 piece set with idea book in red bag
  3. Stargazing: Planetarium Projector, IMAX Hubble DVD, 3D Glasses, Constellations by Kelsey Johnson, Starry Skies by Samantha Chagrollen, Build a Constellation sheet.
  4. Knitting and Crocheting: 2 plastic knitting needles, 2 metal knitting needles, 1 looped needle, 12 crochet hooks, 1 measuring tape, 1 scissors, I yarn needle, 1 container stitch markers, assorted yarn, 2 foam stitch holders, My First Knitting Book, My First Crochet Book by Alison McNicol, Finger Knitting for Kids by Eriko Teranishi.
  5. Rocks and Minerals: Rock Science Kit, Mineral Science Kit, Magnifying glass, 18 piece Rock and Mineral Kit, Rock Collecting for Kids by Dan Lynch, Rock Crafts by Betsy Rathburn
  6. Electronics: SchoolLab Learning Circuit Kit with instructions, Electronic snap circuits experiments 1-101 Student Guide Booklet, Make: Electricity for Young Makers by Marc De Vinck.
  7. Life Cycles: My Life Cycle Frog, Monarch Butterfly, The Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle, The Life Cycle of a BEE, The Life Cycle of a Chicken, 21 Figurines, Growth Cycle Puzzle, Bee Life Cycle Puzzle.

 Funding for these kits is provided in part by  through the Library of Michigan.



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